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free yourself with automation

speedy.solutions is dedicated to providing our clients with automation packages that provide real value for small businesses. We start by understanding your business needs and using our findings to map the technology. The end result is a fully customizable interface and automation platform that boosts overall productivity, organization, and efficiency. Running your business has never been [easier, faster, cheaper].

"I used to spend hours writing quotes and emails for a single project. Now it's all done for me and maintains the feel of a personalized response (because it is!). The best part is that I have more time to focus elsewhere."

- Bridgett B.

Small Business Owner

Quick Turnaround

Clients shopping for services don't want to wait days, or even hours. Let's speed this up. How does 5 minutes or less sound? Instant quotes are available for select organizations.

Just A Few Taps

How much time do you spend on writing quotes per week? Our automation technology has been proven to work for small businesses with hundreds of variables.

The Full Picture

See the whole project in advance. Our team can delve into the expenses of your business to provide a clear representation of the job at hand. Let's make sure it's worth your time.

Real Results

Are you losing out on business because of variables you've been unable to track? We can help! We'll identify key components necessary for your business' growth.

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small business consulting

branding & brand awareness

automation & technology consulting

instant quote building & delivery

automated email correspondence

daily reminders & tasks

organized client folders

accounting snapshots

business analytics & data tracking